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Custom add-ons

Sometimes you need something special, something extra to help your business unlock it's full online potential.
You want someone to turn your digital dreams into practical reality.

Custom add-ons

Everything you need to generate online sales & take credit-card payments.

We add shopping carts & subscriptions to your DesignBoys website, so you can take online orders & receive electronic payments.
Member Communities
We add member functionality to your DesignBoys website, to create an online community, complete with profiles, galleries, blogs, groups, pages & more.
SEO & Search
We optimise your DesignBoys website to make sure you get the best possible placement in Google search results, based on your products, services & location.
Online advertising
We create, analyse & assist with your advertising campaigns, ensuring you get the best value from your online advertising budget.

What's in the box?

* Custom -addons require a DesignBoys Standard or Premium website bundle.

Our Custom add-ons expand your online capability with easy-to-use, proven e-commerce, user-community & advertising solutions.

E-Commerce Solutions

Customer Management

We provide the essential tools to manage users, monitor subscriptions & purchases on your website.

Payment gateways

Get paid using any one of our 30 payment gateways, including PayPal, FastSpring, 2Checkout & Payfast

Flexible plans & pricing

Flexible plans & pricing models allow you to provide a range of memberships for subscription-driven websites.

E-mail Notifications

Send reminder emails to your customers based on their subscription status, abandoned carts & many other scenarios.

Dashboard for Users

Users can manage their subscriptions with the built-in, intuitive & user-friendly dashboard.

Built-in reporting

Intuitive statistics & demographics clearly show on the overall performance of sales generated by your website.

Online communities

User activity stream

Activity stream shows new status updates, profile pictures, upcoming events, photos, videos uploads, interactive polls & more.

Interest groups

Empowering similar interest groups by collaborating over discussions, organizing events, conducting polls & other activities.

Business pages

A place for people to connect with business, allowing the community to interact with their customers.

Community Events

Know the latest happenings and upcoming events within the community. Events can be set as Open, Private or By Invitation Only.

Photo & video albums

Every member can have their own photo & video albums, sharing these with other members according to the permissions they set.

Community videos

Upload or share trending, personal favorites or even homemade videos with your online community.

Private Conversations

Members can engage in online private conversations with friends, or get involved in group chats.

Member profiles

Member profiles can be created to display relevant information, such as gender, job title or interests.

Member types

Differentiate between member types, giving each different features, functionality & capabilities.

SEO & Search optimization

Website SEO audit & update

We check your site for SEO issues, which informs the baseline SEO status.

From this audit, we generate a task list of SEO-related items that needs to be addressed.

As part of the ongoing service, we will update the website & fix these SEO related problems.

Keyword analysis

We analyse & adjust your keywords to identify those which are the most effective in generating traffic to your website.

SEO Rank Tracking

We monitor & report on changes in your SEO rankings.

Google Alerts

Business needs to keep abreast of whats happening in their market, especially with regards to what people are posting about them or their competitors.
However, scouring the web just takes up too much time.

We set up web search alerts for you, to notify you when new business, industry or keyword related content is published on the web.

SEO Competitor Analysis

We help you see what your competitors are doing with their SEO.

We identify keywords used by your competitors to identify new link building & marketing opportunities.

Backlink Data

Google assumes that, if lots of other websites link to your website (backlinks), then your website must be important.
Backlinks are critical for good SEO rankings, but they need to come from legitimate sources or Google will penalise you.

We identify & report on these backlinks for you, helping you to see who is connected to your website & ensure that you use quality backlinks.

Monthly SEO status reports

We provide monthly reports showing current SEO status against the baseline, to highlight the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.

SEO takes time to show results, so effects are not always immediately apparent.
However, over time good SEO practice will generate a significant increase in organic search engine results.

Paid Advertsing solutions

Pay per click advertising

We set up your advertising on Google, Twitter & Facebook.

We provide you with reporting on your advertising, including which keywords are most popular, the going rate per click & more.
Everything you need to make informed decisions about your advertising campaigns.

No payment surprises

You pay a pre-agreed amount, from as little as R 100, to kick-start your campaign.
Your pre-paid advertising is reduced only when someone clicks on your advert, hence the name pay-per-click.

There are no payment surprises, since adverts stop automatically when your pre-paid budget runs out.

Multiple Adverting platforms

We setup your PPC advertising campaigns on Google (preferred), FaceBook, LinkedIn & others.


You want to expand your market share & improve your bottom line by selling your products, services & subscriptions online, easily & without hassles.

Our e-commerce add-ins for your DesignBoys website allow you to add shopping carts, subscriptions & even take payments online.


User communities

Keep users coming back for more, by building your own unique, online community. Perfect for schools, church's & other community-oriented organisations.

We deploy fully-fledged community components, seamlessly integrated into your DesignBoys website.

User communities

Online advertising

A fantastic website is worthless unless you can attract potential customers. But getting on the first page of Google search results is really, really hard.

Our PPC solutions help you select the perfect keywords, giving you high visibility in relevant search results.

Online advertising